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CERI-Sapienza University

CERI is a multidisciplinary research centre within the Università di Roma “La Sapienza”, which includes personnel from various disciplines and departments coming together to address a wide range of scientific issues. The Centre, first formed in 2003 and presently hosted in the Department of Earth Sciences, promotes, coordinates and carries out research in the field of Geological Risks (radon, flooding, pollution, landslides, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions), the reclamation of polluted sites, and the development of innovative methodologies and technologies. Regarding the specific aspects of the present proposal, one CERI group has over 20 years of experience in the study of radon and helium in soil, in air, and indoors. In particular this group has performed numerous studies in central Italy, many for the regional government, to map radon values, create distribution maps, assess potential risks to the population, and propose remedial measures. They also have 10 years of experience in the development of low-cost, robust electronic gas sensors for monitoring in soil, air, and water, knowledge that will ensure the rapid development of similarly low-cost radon sensors needed for the project goals. Another CERI group involved in the proposal consists, instead, of communication experts who have worked in numerous projects developing modern approaches for information dissemination and dialogue with the public, a critical issue related to radon health risks to make sure that people understand the problem and what can be done about it. Finally, over the last 10 years CERI has been involved in 5 EC projects, while the CERI personnel involved in this proposal have been involved in over 20 EC projects over the last 30 years, meaning that the institution has the experience, personnel, infrastructure, and know-how necessary for a project leader to guarantee the smooth, efficient, and timely operation of a LIFE project.

http://www.ceri.uniroma1.it/ Contact person Sabina Bigi sabina.bigi@uniroma1.it Salvatore Lombardi salvatore.lombardi@uniroma1.it