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ELC has operated on the kitchen hoods market since the 1970s.Today the company has 8 plants worldwide in Italy,Poland,Mexico,Germany,India and China.3.700 employees produce 19 million pieces ranging from hoods to motors every year.ELC has two core businesses areas: cooking and motors. In the first area, ELC is the world's leading manufacturer of cooker hoods for household use. In the second,FIME brand holds the number 1 position in Europe for the design, production and sale of electric motors for household appliances and boilers. The cooking division designs, manufactures and sells kitchen hoods for domestic use, with the Elica brand as well as for the world's leading manufacturers of household appliances and kitchens. For the Asian market, the company also produces hobs, ovens and sterilisers. The motors division manufactures and sells electric motors for appliances, hoods and boilers for household use.ELC main activities in the project are related to remediation, i.e. to indoor air treatment within chosen location related to radon problem.ELC has a wide experience in air treatment in domestic environment (is a global leader in kitchen air treatment), in indoor air quality (IAQ) and facilities (Finite Element simulation software, testing laboratory) to develop customized fluid dynamic solutions. ELC can provide a wide range of filtration systems for different kinds of pollutants (e.g. grease, VOC, particles) based both on passive and active solutions. Some of these systems have been also patented. ELC has developed a new air extractor (patent pending) which is equipped with several sensors and also a Wi-Fi module. This device can work automatically according to his internal algorithms or can be completely remote controlled via Wi-Fi. All data coming from the sensors can also be stored on a cloud for further analysis. These devices can give a real added value to the project in terms of optimization of ventilation based either on local analysis or global prediction. http://elica.com/IT-en