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FANC is the Belgian radiation protection authority, since 2001 responsible for radon management activities in Belgium. The Belgian radon action plan is operational since 2005 and implies radon mapping, radon surveys, remediation and prevention measures, training of building professionals, database management and communication/public awareness activities. Based on 20000 indoor radon measurements and 5000 soil-gas measurements, the territory has been classed for its radon hazard and detailed maps of the radon hazard have been developed in order to guide radon prevention in new buildings, radon measurements in workplaces and public awareness and measurement campaigns in dwellings. Assisting remediation of highly exposed buildings by detailed diagnosis and monitoring of the building and providing technical recommendations is one of the core activities of FANC. Development and identification of low-cost and low- energy consuming mitigation techniques is therefore very important to be developed.

http://www.fanc.fgov.be contact person Boris DEHANDSCHUTTER Boris.DEHANDSCHUTTER@FANC.FGOV.BE