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The Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV), born on the 29/9/99, Decree n. 381, is a public institution that deals with a lot of competencies split in seismology, seismic hazard, geodynamics, paleoseismology, structural geology, remote-sensing, geomechanics, volcanology, Diffuse Degassing Studies, Geomagnetism, aereonomy, Environment, operative oceanography, dynamic climatology, Antarctic research. INGV, is the biggest European institute dedicated to the geophysical and geochemical continuous and discrete monitoring of active faults and volcanoes. Radionuclides Laboratory of INGV is provided with low background gamma spectrometers, Durridge RAD7 instruments, activated charcoal canisters, radon degassing units, a radon chamber and small radium sources for calibration purposes. Gamma spectrometers are equipped with NaI(Tl) scintillators, signal shaping electronics and multichannel analysers. Durridge RAD7 instruments are employed to measure soil radon concentration. Activated charcoal canisters are used to absorb indoor or dissolved radon. Radon degassing units are intended for transferring radon dissolved in water samples into activated charcoal canisters. Spectrometers are employed to assess radon activity concentration in air or dissolved in water by using activated charcoal canisters. Spectrometers are calibrated by using a standard canister containing a fixed radon activity. A radon chamber employing a ZnS scintillation cell and proper electronics is also available for INGV and commercial radon monitor calibration. INGV has a notable experience gained over several years of researches on natural hazards and their communication/education and volcanic and seismic risk perception. Advantage can also be taken from already developed hazard maps that could be redesigned as more efficient public communication tools. The INGV team researches have a long experience in working with schools in the field of Education for seismic and volcanic risk reduction. http://www.ingv.it contact person Alessandra Sciarra